SAP Proves It’s Not Boring By Hiring This Woman With A colourful Past

Julie Roehm

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Looks like Julie Roehm, the marketing executive infamously fired from Walmart in 2006, has been hired as SAP’s new marketing vice president.Roehm was let go from Walmart over accusations that she had an affair with one of her employees, reports AllThingsD. Walmart also accused her of submitting expenses to Walmart for trips taken with the employee.

If that wasn’t enough, the company then claimed that Roehm had violated company policy by taking gifts from an ad agency before she hired it. Ugly stuff that resulted in Roehm suing Walmart and spewing a bunch of accusations of her own.

Prior to being hired by Walmart, Roehm worked for auto makers Ford and Chrysler. She was known for creating something called the “Lingerie Bowl” in which barely dressed women played football during a Superbowl commercial. It ticked off conservative groups and Chrysler withdrew its support, CNN Money reported at the time.

Clearly, Roehm’s specialty is shaking things up.

She’s an odd choice for SAP, as she has no background in selling enterprise software. Speculation is that she was hired to help SAP remake its image after its $3.4 billion acquisition of SuccessFactors closes. SAP is also trying to become better known for its mobile applications.

SAP hasn’t issued a formal statement yet, but Roehm’s LinkedIn profile displays her new job title.