With Less Than 24 Hours Before The World Cup Kicks Off, Here's São Paulo's Stadium

Work is still being completed around São Paulo’s Itaquerão stadium with a day to go until the opening game of the 2014 World Cup between Brazil and Croatia.

The stadium, which was supposed to be completed in December, faced numerous construction delays over the last 15 months.

Three workers have died working on the venue.

A temporary section of bleachers hadn’t been approved by the fire department for the stadium’s final test event on June 1, meaning it will head into the World Cup without ever holding a capacity crowd.

The bleachers have since been approved, and the primary part of the stadium looks ready to go. But work is still being done.

Journalist Kety Shapazian posted a photo of one of the walkways outside the stadium on Wednesday. Workers are still finishing it and putting up a tarp to cover the scaffolding:

Organisers maintain that everything will go according to plan on Thursday. About 1,300 people with tickets to the opening game had to swap their tickets for a different game after the configuration of the seats was changed. But FIFA says that it had nothing to do with construction delays.

The AP took some pictures around the stadium on Tuesday:

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