Construction Of Sao Paulo's $400 Million Soccer Stadium Might Be Halted 14 Months Before The World Cup

brazil world cup 2014 stadium construction overhead

With a little over a year to go until the 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil, the builders of Sao Paolo’s new Itaquerao stadium are threatening to halt construction, Reuters reports.

The builders say they have not been given the $200 million government loan they were promised, and threatened to stop work on the stadium if it isn’t paid.

The Itaquerao is supposed to host the first game of the event on June 12, 2014.

The run-up to the World Cup has been marred by reports that construction and infrastructure problems will throw the event into disarray.

As you can see from these stunning photos, there is still a ton of work to be done.

The Itaquerao has it stands right now

Source: Reuters

The stadium sits 10 miles from downtown Sao Paolo

Source: Reuters

It cost $400 million to build, but the public financing loan has not been delivered yet, according to the builders

Source: Reuters

Five seats have been put in

Source: Reuters

The roof still isn't built

Source: Reuters

The Itaquerao will be a gleaming new stadium, but that's not the case for many other Brazilian World Cup Venues...

Source: Reuters

Many of the venues are renovation projects of pre-existing stadiums

The legendary Maracana in Rio de Janeiro got the biggest face lift

It'll take $440 million to renovate

Source: The Atlantic

The stadium in 2011

It was in disuse. But it will be ready for this summer's Confederations Cup

The National Stadium in Brasilia also got renovated

It will be the second-largest stadium in Brazil

It's 87% complete right now

The same cannot be said for the Itaquerao, which may be in danger of embarrassingly missing out on the World Cup entirely

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