Santelli Responds To Playboy, Says Charge Is Total Bunk

Ok, barring any huge further developments this will be the last of the Santelli rant spectacle, as the whole thing has already gone on too long. After Playboy accused RIck Santelli of being in the tank for a couple of conservative groups, before pulling the article down from its site, the man himself has responded with a piece up on CNBC.

Basically, it says he has no affiliation with any group or event, and that if you look at his archives, he’s been against every bailout there was. He also claims this particular rant wasn’t even in his top 5 in terms of intensity, but that’s subjective. Bottom line, the Playboy story is nonsense. Barry Ritholtz says he’s heard gossip of CNBC threatening legal action.

Hopefully this is the last you’ll have to hear about it.

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