Here Are Santa's Most Scandalous Ads: Guns, Girls, And Booze

santa claus bad ad shirt gun

Santa Claus has starred in many ad campaigns — and some of them would move him onto the naughty list.

While St. Nick is most famous for Coca-Cola commercials, advertisers have also put his face in ads with guns, booze, cigarettes, and girls.

Here are Santa’s most surprising ad campaigns.

Santa was seen with firearms even when he wasn't in a gun ad. While there isn't anything scandalous about Santa shilling button-down shirts, it is shocking to see St. Nick threatening suicide if he doesn't get said shirts.

Santa's other vices include lingerie ...

... and alcohol. Santa is so sauced from Byrrh Wine that an angel had to be sent down to be the designated driver of his sleigh.

Sometimes St. Nick would send his polar bear friends to drop off the booze.

So Coke wasn't Santa's only beverage of choice. (Although his image was popularised through Haddon Sundblom's illustrations for Coca-Cola's Christmas ads in the 1930s.)

Although Santa isn't physically shown in the 1982 Playboy cover, he is responsible for leaving a naughty gift in some dude's Christmas stocking.

And Santa still hasn't lost his edge. This recent Samsung ad shows Mrs. Claus sending Santa a dirty movie from her Galaxy S III.

But Santa's most prevalent spokesman vice by far was in cigarette ads.

Lots and lots of cigarettes.

Santa said Pall Malls could cure scratchy throats.

There are other Christmas surprises from where that came from.

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