Sanford's Lover Is Maria Belen Chapur (VIDEO)*


UPDATE 2: The reporters note that this image and video came when Chapur was in the states following 9/11… this also corresponds with Sanford’s timeline of having met her 8 years ago.

The specific statement from

The images that are exclusive C5N issued a recent press coverage that María Belén Chapura conducted in the United States met during the first month after the fall of the Twin Towers.

Original post: Well, we now know the name of Mark Sanford’s Argentinean lady friend. It’s Maria Belen Chapur.

She: “runs marathons and is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.”

The lady in this pic might or might not be her, but it came from the Facebook of a Maria Chapur and she’s standing in front of an Argentinean flag.

Update: The new photo above is her audition for a newscast in 2001. The video (in Spanish) is below. We think if you age the woman above by 8 years, you pretty easily arrive at the lady in the pictures below, making us even more certain that this is her.



Another Photo:

And another at what looks like some trendy artist thing.

maria chapur

And another one, showing her eyes

maria chapur

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