George Zimmerman's neighbours Are organising To Stop A Permanent Trayvon Memorial

attached imageDwayne Wade signs a sneaker in memorial to Trayvon Martin.

Photo: ESPN

A Sanford, Fla. resident wants to see how George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial “plays out” before his neighbours build a permanent memorial to the unarmed 17-year-old Zimmerman killed.Frank Taaffe, who supports George Zimmerman, walked door-to-door with a petition Monday to stop Trayvon Martin’s supporters from building a permanent memorial right outside the gates to Zimmerman’s neighbourhood, the WKMG Local 6 News reported.

“This was a tragedy to the Martin family, as we understand, but it hasn’t played out yet,” Taaffe told WKMG. “Let’s let the thing play out, because I know who the aggressor was and I know who the victim was.”

But city mayor Jeff Triplett said there was no official proposal to create a permanent memorial even though there were discussions with Martin supporters about the idea last week, according to WKMG.

There was already a makeshift memorial in memory of Martin that the city reportedly moved to a Sanford museum.

Taaffe claims he isn’t fully against the idea of a memorial, however.

“We’ve no problem with memorials. If they want to place one in downtown Sanford, fine. Just don’t put it in front of our place here,” Taaffe told WKMG. “I just hope and pray that everyone realises that a tragedy did happen here and no one’s gloating over this.”

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