Sanford: I Cheated On My Wife With An Argentinean

mark sanford

Finally! After the longest throat-clearing we’ve ever heard at a press conference, Mark Sanford has just admitted that he cheated on his wife with an Argentinean.

So, the whole Appalachian Trail thing, not so much..

Well, Republicans, your 2012 nomination fight just got a little wider.

It doesn’t sound like he’s quitting the governorship just yet, though he is giving up his chairmanship of the Republican Governors Assocation.

And, oddly, he says his wife knew of the affair before his trip to Argentina, and that they’ve been working through this for five months. It doesn’t sound as though he and the first lady have a relationship anymore. As for misleading his staff about walking the Appalachian Trail, he’s still somehow implying that he was originally maybe going to do that, though that doesn’t even make sense if the goal was to re-unite with his lover.

Although he wasn’t clear at first, it is a woman that he met 8 years ago.

Anyway, very odd.

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