Sandusky's Lawyers Tried To Quit The Case As The Trial Began

jerry sandusky in handcuffsJerry Sandusky

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Jerry Sandusky’s defence team dropped a bombshell only one day after their client was convicted, claiming they tried to drop the case because the trial was moving too quickly.Joe Amendola, Sandusky’s lead attorney, and his team told the Associated Press they felt too unprepared to defend their client.

The former Penn State assistant football coach was convicted late Friday night on 45 charges of child sex abuse.

He could be sentenced to more than 400 years in prison.

“We told the trial court, the Superior Court and the Supreme Court we were not prepared to proceed to trial in June due to numerous issues, and we asked to withdraw from the case for those reasons,” Amendola told the AP.

But Judge John Cleland denied the request.

The fast-paced trial, only seven months elapsed between Sandusky’s arrest and his trial, could form the grounds of Sandusky’s eventual appeal.

During his speech Friday night to reporters gathered outside the Pennsylvania-courthouse, Amendola said he and his team “have some decent appeal issues.”

And Cleland’s denial of their request might be one of those issues.

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