Bernie Madoff Novelty Golfballs — Sleazeballs


Well, you have to start rebuilding your bankroll somewhere. It seems Sandra Manzke’s son has started a Bernie Madoff novelty golfball business out of Maxam Capital’s old office. Manzke, of course, presented herself as a watchdog of the industry, until it was revealed that she was way over-invested with Madoff and had to close up shop.

Greg Newton at Naked Shorts got a message from Sandra:


    From: Sandra L. Manzke
    Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 13:27
    To: Greg Newton
    Subject: RE: Sleazeball of the Month: Bernie Madoff

    My son came up with this idea and has rented space from my office to pursue.  He is working on tennis balls, racquet balls, baseballs etc.  I do think it is a good   idea to shame a lot of sleazeballs.  S.

Ah, American capitalism. Turning losses into opportunities, plus a dose of suing your own auditors.