Bernie Sanders dismisses Hillary Clinton's new memoir and says she should move on from 2016

Hillary Clinton Bernie SandersJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesDemocratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) looks on as U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks during a campaign rally at University of New Hampshire on September 28, 2016 in Durham, New Hampshire.

In an appearance on comedian Stephen Colbert’s late-night show on Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent and former presidential candidate, advised Hillary Clinton to move on from the 2016 presidential election — the details of which she hashed out in a new memoir, “What Happened” — and help him fight for progressive change. 

“Look, Secretary Clinton ran against the most unpopular candidate in the history of this country and she lost and was upset about that and I understand that,” Sanders said. “But our job now is really not to go backwards. It is to go forward. It is to create the kind of nation we know we can become.”

Clinton took direct aim at Sanders in her book, accusing him of laying the groundwork for political attacks that proved fatal during the general election.

Sanders brushed off the criticism and insisted that the country has “enormous problems” and “it’s a little bit silly to keep talking about 2016.”

“I think the response is we have got to think going forward,” Sanders told Colbert, “and I would like her to join us in a fight for 15, in a Medicare-for-all single payer system, in taking on the fossil fuel industry so that we transform our energy system away from fossil fuel and move to energy efficient and sustainable energy.”

Colbert asked Sanders what questions he should pose to Clinton when she appears on the show next week. Sanders responded with an outstretched hand.

“We need her help to go forward,” he said. “Let’s not keep arguing about 2016. Let’s get together and take on Trump’s desire to divide us up. Let’s go forward with a progressive agenda. Ask her if she’ll do that.”

Watch the clip below: 

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