Sanctions Retaliation: Russian Duty Free Store ‘Bans’ Abbott, Obama And Western Leaders

Woah! The West’s simmering cold war with Russia, over its incursions into Ukraine, is escalating to serious.

Never mind that Putin’s reminding the world he’s only a thumb away from the nuclear button, and Australia contemplating banning the Russian leader from November’s G20 Summit, the Ruskies have hit back where it hurts Team Australia most, refusing to serve our Prime Minister in the duty free store at Vladivostok airport.

Writer Michael Idov spotted the sign at the airport on the weekend and posted the above picture on Instagram.

“WTF. This is not some handmade sign – it’s installed in the international zone of the Vladivostok airport,” Idov wrote.

Tony Abbott’s in good company, with a number of world leaders, including Barack Obama and Japan’s Shinzo Abe, as well as six of the Ukraine’s top pollies also blocked from saving a few roubles on vodka as they leave town.

The sign appears to be an escalation of a recent grassroots campaign in Russian stores, which have signs banning Barack Obama from shopping there.