San Jose, CA Is More Expensive Than New York City For New Parents

Real estate blog Redfin has just released a ranking that says that San Jose, CA, is pricier than New York City during the first year of parenthood.

In the U.S., raising a kid is more expensive than ever before. The typical cost of an American baby’s first year averages roughly $US26,000, according to Redfin.

To find out how much new parents are spending in the first year around the country, Redfin calculated the cost of upgrading your home from a two-bedroom to a three-bedroom, typical childcare costs, healthcare, energy, and the cost of baby items/accessories based on region.

They found that the cost of a baby’s first year was the most expensive for parents living in San Jose, CA , at a whopping $US41,600. Housing ($US19,900) and childcare ($US12,600) propelled San Jose to the top of the list of most expensive cities for parents.

In Santa Cruz, CA, the second most expensive city on the list, parents shelled out $US38,800 during their child’s first year. New York City came in as the third most expensive city for new parents at $US36,700.

Here’s the full top 40 ranking of the cost of a baby’s first year in different cities around the U.S. (from most affordable to least affordable):

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