The building that is renting San Francisco's smallest apartment also has a unit that combines a shower, toilet, and sink

Pius Lee/ShutterstockIt’s no surprise that real estate in San Francisco is pricey.
  • San Francisco is known for its ranking as the most expensive rental market in the US.
  • Business Insider, with the help of Zumper, identified the smallest apartment in the city.
  • Another apartment in the same building is notable for the fact that it has a small kitchen area, a shower/sink/toilet combination, and not much else.
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To live in the most expensive rental market in the country, you might have to make a few sacrifices.

Business Insider, with the help of Zumper, recently identified it as the smallest listing in the entire city.

Typical San Francisco rents can easily cost around $US4,500, but a studio in the Lower Nob Hill area is an appealing $US2,295 a month, according to a listing on Zumper.

Another apartment in the same building, which is not currently listed for rent, is also notable for the fact that it has a small kitchen area, a shower/sink/toilet combination, and not much else.

Not everyone can live with their bathroom practically in their kitchen, but in San Francisco’s tough rental market, beggars can’t be choosers.

The apartment is located in the Kenilworth building in Lower Nob Hill.

Business Insider took a look inside this tiny space.

The apartment’s most notable feature is the combination toilet, shower, and sink. Depending on how efficient you like your morning routine to be, this might actually be a perk.

The small sink within the shower makes use of every square foot of available space.

ZumperA tiny sink fits into the rainfall shower

The “kitchen” consists of a mini-fridge, a minuscule sink, and cupboards, with just enough counter space for a microwave and small coffee maker.

ZumperThe kitchen area includes a small sink, mini fridge, and room for a microwave.

It’s cramped, but you don’t have to go far for entertainment! The TV stand is conveniently located only a step away from the bathroom/kitchen side.

A bed is the main furniture in the studio, near the bathroom and kitchen area.

Windows let some light in and make the studio feel a bit bigger.

The bed folds up to make room for a small sitting area.

The apartment is not currently for rent according to Zumper, but another unit in the building — the tiniest in San Francisco — is renting for 2,300.

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These apartments don’t have much space, but they do have the location — located only 2 blocks away from the Union Square shopping district.

For a convenient commute, the Financial District is just a 15-minute walk away.

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