San Francisco Startup Eventbrite Has Opened An Australian Office And Is Offering 6 Incredible Employee Perks

Eventbrite, the platform which is revolutionising event ticketing around the world has opened an office in Melbourne and is handing out some amazing perks to its new staff.

Elsita Meyer-Brandt, the company’s head of new market expansion and international marketing today gave Business Insider a run-down on some of Eventbrite’s awesome employee benefits.

Here they are:

1. International trips. Each time a new recruit joins the company they’re flown to Eventbrite’s headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area.

2. Petrol money. Eventbrite will pay for your transport to work. Whether it is parking, public transport or money for petrol they chip in. A handy little incentive, as though the Australian government just introduced a fuel excise in the latest Federal Budget.

3. Wellness Program. This perk is broad. Meyer-Brandt explained it includes anything to do with health and well being, including the cost of your latest juice cleanse, massages, acupuncture, facials or gym memberships.

“It’s about a strong work/life balance, we want people to relax,” she said. “The work is challenging but we want people to relax.”

4. Free food and beer. Every Thursday Eventbrite orders in lunch for its Australian team but there’s also a magical fridge packed with snacks drinks and beer for staff.

5. Quarterly offsite holidays. Promoting cross functional team building, Eventbrite sends its team away once a quarter, usually for two days.

Meyer-Brandt said the holidays can be almost anything, from a ski trip to hiring a beach house and staff usually go away for two days, one weekday and one weekend day.

6. Social club. The Australian team has one night a month set aside for social club which usually means going out for dinner and drinks.

Meyer-Brandt said the perks are developed to build an open and feedback friendly culture.

“I think in the end it all comes back to what we stand for,” she said. “All these perks that we do are about team building.”

“It’s about getting people to be comfortable, open and share.”

Currently sharing an office with 99designs in Melbourne, Eventbrite is on the hunt for fourmore Australian based employees.

One catch: if you work at Eventbrite, you’re called a Briteling. Ew.

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