A Wealthy San Francisco Couple Did Something Drastic For Unobstructed Views Of The Bay

Mansion Demolition CaliforniaDemolition with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Photo: screenshot via NBC News

Normally we associate demolition with the destruction of beauty, but in San Francisco recently, a massive bulldozing led to just the opposite.Construction crews there demolished a $4.2 million home not to make way for a new mega-mansion, but to open up the skyline and create a garden for a wealthy couple that owned a nearby $19 million home who felt their views had been tarnished by the neighbouring property, according to NBC News.

The couple, Clark and Sharon Winslow, bought the knock-down after its original owners fled, and it fell into foreclosure, according to the Marin Independent Journal. It had been valued at $7.1 million prior to being auctioned off.

The Winslows were reportedly happy to regain the panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge, and their neighbours were pleased with the demolition as well.

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