San Francisco real estate is so crazy that even a home where a mummified body was found is on the market for nearly $1 million

Home prices continue to rise to astronomical heights in San Francisco.

A home that was recently listed for sale in the Inner Richmond neighbourhood is a near-perfect example of how bloated the market has become.

In April of this year, the mummified corpse of the home’s former owner was found inside, wrapped in a blanket. The woman had reportedly died five years earlier, but her 65-year-old daughter hadn’t told anyone that her mother’s body was still in the home.

The deceased woman was reportedly a hoarder, and there was so much trash in the home that firefighters had to wear oxygen masks to enter.

“The hoarding is reportedly so bad that it’s up to the ceiling,” district supervisor Eric Mar said to CBS San Francisco in April.

The home is now on the market for $US928,000.

The home was built in the Victorian style in 1904. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and sits on a 2,996-square-foot lot.

The listing describes it as a “Major-Fixer with Peaked Roof, Lots of Vintage Charm/Details and a real News Worthy History,” but it doesn’t mention the discovery of the woman’s corpse.

According to CBS San Francisco, realtors must disclose that a death happened on a property only if it happened within three years. Since the woman reportedly died five years ago, the house was not subject to that law.

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