This San Francisco home 'in a deteriorative state' just sold for $1.2 million

A home needing some serious work just sold for $US411,000 over its asking price, Curbed SF reports.

The four-bedroom home, located in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighbourhood, was listed for $US799,000 in February and sold for $US1.21 million just two weeks after coming onto the market.

That’s roughly 50% above asking and a lot for a house that even the listing warns is “in a deteriorative state; needs everything, not for the novice.” According to Redfin, the buyer paid in cash.

It’s just another example of how crazy the San Francisco real estate market has become.

From the outside, the home looks totally run down.

Whoever bought the house will have to put in a lot of work to get it back in shape. Curbed speculated they will end up flipping it for more money after the remodel.

Here's a look at the bathroom. It obviously could use a paint job.

Drawers look like they were pulled out of the wall here.

The kitchen is also missing a few drawers.

There are some appliances missing here too.

The carpet may be missing in this bedroom, but the big windows show potential.

Stairs leading to the upper level are also missing carpeting.

The fireplace in here is nice, but the room needs new tile.

As does this laundry room.

Here's a look inside the garage.

The bright side is that the home is really close to the beach, and the views aren't bad.

Plus, the deck doesn't seem to need too many repairs.

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