Congratulations, San Francisco Giants! You Just Lost $7.6 Million*

Tim Lincecum Pitcher Giants

Photo: Flickr/Dirk Hansen

The San Francisco Giants just won their first World Series title since moving to the Bay Area, but while the players may be cleaning up, the team now has to cope with the fact that they just lost out on at least $7.6 million in ticket sales.The Giants play in AT&T Park, which has a seating capacity of 41,503. Assuming a sellout for Games 6 and 7, that’s over 83,000 tickets sold at a MINIMUM face value of $90 a ticket. (Individual prices are not listed, but most seats go for much more than that.)

Now those games will never be played.

Add in the extra 1,500 Standing Room tickets worth $50 each and you get a minimum total of $7,620,540 in potential ticket sales lost for the home team.

Not only that, the franchise made no money off Games 1 and 2, as all the gate receipts for those two games went into the prize pool for the players.

Scalpers and people re-selling tickets on after market-ticket vendors like StubHub just lost out on even more cash though. TiqIQ estimates that the average price per ticket for Game 6 in San Francisco would go for $1,481 while Game 7 tickets would run up to $1,762.

No one is saying the Giants should have made like the Black Sox and intentionally lost Game 5, but there’s more than one reason why it would have been nice for Lincecum and Co. to win at home. Fortunately, there are other financial benefits to winning the World Series.

Perhaps the biggest loser of all? City Kayak, located on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. They had been renting kayaks for $49 per person to ballhawks hoping to “watch” the games from McCovey Cove.

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