Suspect In The Beating Of San Francisco Giants Fan Brian Stow Is Sent Back To Prison

Bryan StowGiants fan Brian Stow was beaten outside Dodger Stadium on Opening Day.

Photo: Facebook

The man suspected of being involved in the severe beating of a Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium has been sent back to prison on a parole violation.Police have not yet charged Giovanni Ramirez in the assault on Brian Stow, but because a gun was found in the home where Ramirez was arrested, the parole board sent him back to prison for 10 months.

The investigation into Stow’s beating continues, with police still trying to mount a more compelling case against Ramirez and others. They are mostly relying on eyewitness accounts.

Stow, who was attacked after wearing a Giants jersey to a game against the rival Dodgers in L.A. in March, is still recovering from the severe beating that left him in a coma, and likely with permanent brain damage. Ex-San Francisco slugger Barry Bonds has offered to pay the college tuition for his two young children.

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