San Francisco Giants Employee Is Accused Of Embezzling $1.5 Million From The Team Payroll

San Francisco Giants fan

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A payroll manager for the world champion San Francisco Giants has been arrested after the team discovered she had stolen more than $1.5 million from player accounts.Robin O’Connor, a 41-year-old mother of two, had worked for the team for four years. As a payroll manager, she had access to team laptops and payroll programs that she could use in her home.

O’Connor was caught after forging a letter from the team to apply for a home loan. The letter claimed that the large deposits in her personal accounts were rewards for “assist[ing] us in accomplishing our goal of winning the 2010 World Series.”

When Bank of America sent to the letter to the Giants for confirmation, she was busted.

She has been charged with wire and computer fraud, both felonies that carry a sentence of up to five years in prison. O’Connor was paid $80,000 a year by the Giants.