San Franciscans March In Protest Of A Google Lawyer Who Evicted Teachers From Their Homes

On Friday, Eviction Free San Francisco, tenant rights activists and other concerned citizens gathered in the Mission District in San Francisco to protest the recent evictions of several teachers from homes in the area.

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The protesters were directly targeting Jack Halprin, who is a part of Google’s legal team. Eviction Free San Francisco says that he is evicting tenants from a building he moved into, including several so-called “Ellis Act evictions.” The Ellis Act is a provision in California that enables landlords to evict tenants in order to “go out of business.”

Earlier in the day, many of the same protesters blocked a Google bus in the Mission District.

Johnny (no last name given), a longtime San Francisco resident and a tenant in the building who is fighting his Ellis Act eviction, said in a statement, “I don’t think rich Google lawyers should be able to come into a neighbourhood and buy a piece of property that is a rental property and then quickly evict everyone there to make a bigger profit. I think it’s unethical.”

This marks the third protest in two months that has singled out a Google employee at their home. Earlier this month, protestors targeted Google Ventures venture capitalist Kevin Rose.

We have reached out to Halprin and will update this post when we hear back.

People gathered at Dolores Park, which is in the heart of the city's famous Mission District.

Despite the march's hilly route, people of all ages came to show support.

Many of the protesters' signs expressed anger against Google and other tech companies.

As the march began, organisers in front led the approximately 100 people in the crowd by beating a drum and chanting 'Ellis Act out, tenant rights in.'

Eviction Free San Francisco led with the largest of all the banners.

Some of the signs even had Halprin's phone number, urging people to 'flood his answering machine.'

The march stopped at Halprin's home on Guerrero Street, where Johnny, one of the tenants, spoke about the evictions.

The protesters' main concern was the eviction of some of the city's public school teachers.

There was also a strong anti-tech sentiment throughout the protest.

Organisers led the march by chanting into loudspeakers.

People chanted 'San Francisco's not for sale' as they marched.

Here is a compilation of some of the chants that broke out during the march.

The march attracted plenty of attention as people walked down Guerrero Street toward 18th Street.

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