Take a look at this $9.8 million San Francisco condo inside a luxury hotel that comes with a 'cuddle puddle room' full of pillows

Open Homes PhotographyThe listing comes with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and space to indulge in some cuddles atop a sea of cushions and pillows.
  • A two-bedroom condo in San Francisco’s St. Regis Hotel is for sale for $US9.8 million.
  • Included in the listing is a “cuddle puddle room” with cushions and pillows.
  • Cuddle puddles, and parties, are typically non-sexual activities whereby participants cuddle freely and enjoy human touch.
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There is currently a dizzying array of multi-million-dollar condos in San Francisco.

One of them is on the 25th floor of the St. Regis Hotel downtown.The condo is on the market for $US9.8 million and comes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as million-dollar views of the city.

And for you cuddling enthusiasts, there is a “cuddle puddle room,” complete with pillows and cushions.

Here’s what it’s like inside.

The St. Regis Hotel sits in San Francisco’s SOMA District.

Open Homes PhotographyThe main living area.

The condo is technically comprised of two units.

Open Homes PhotographyThe foyer.

They were merged together to make the listing more attractive as a two-bedroom apartment.

Open Homes PhotographyOne of the bedrooms.

It was first listed on February 24, according to the listing.

Open Homes PhotographyThe main living area.

Source: Compass

The condo comes fully furnished across its 3,462 square feet.

Open Homes PhotographyThe main living area.

Source: Compass

There are also million-dollar views of the city from this vantage point.

Open Homes PhotographyA view of the city.

The theme is “enchanted forest” — glass panels in the foyer have tree designs.

Open Homes PhotographyThe foyer.

There are two bedrooms …

Open Homes PhotographyOne of the bedrooms.

… two bathrooms …

Open Homes PhotographyOne of the bathrooms.

… a windowless kitchen …

Open Homes PhotographyThe kitchen.

… an office with lots of windows …

Open Homes PhotographyThe office.

… and, of course, a cuddle puddle room.

Open Homes PhotographyThe cuddle puddle room.

As Curbed SF notes, the room perhaps was created out of what was once an alcove.

Open Homes PhotographyThe cuddle puddle room.

Source: Curbed SF

Cuddle puddles — and cuddle parties — became popular in the last couple of decades.

Open Homes PhotographyThe cuddle puddle room.

They feature strangers, or people you know, laying amongst each other and cuddling, usually upon a sea of pillows and blankets.

Cuddle parties and puddles are found outside of San Francisco, but they are a bit more of a trend in the city specifically, as the work demand of tech leads to what some have called scheduled intimacy.

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I cuddled with strangers at a San Francisco cuddle party alongside other members of the city’s intimacy-starved workforce. No, it wasn’t that weird.

The master suite features a neutral colour palette and lots of natural light.

Open Homes PhotographyThe master bedroom.

The accompanying walk-in closet is expansive.

Open Homes PhotographyA walk-in closet.

The monthly HOA fees are a casual $US5,430.

Open Homes PhotographyAn office off of the master bedroom.

And you’ll have to pay for parking — $US300 a month for the first car and $US400 a month for the second

Open Homes PhotographyThe master bathroom.

Source: Compass

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