San Francisco's mayoral election just got weird as a candidate delivered a cake to the current 'tech' mayor

A San Francisco mayoral candidate doesn’t want the election to be a “cakewalk” for the incumbent Mayor Ed Lee — so she delivered a cake to the mayor’s office to prove it.

YIMBY-for-mayor candidate Amy Farah Weiss said she was creatively inspired to turn a headline on a Business Insider story about the election into an actual event.

She’s hosting a cakewalk in August and has invited Lee and other candidates to join in. Each of the cakes will be decorated with the issues in the election, but she wants voters to fill out this survey to see what wins.

It wouldn’t be a San Francisco election without something wonderfully creative like this happening. Last election, a cohort of San Francisco celebrities and tech CEOs created a music video of “Ed Lee: 2Legit 2 Quit“.

So far, Weiss wins our vote for most creative campaign tactic this year.

Here’s a video of Weiss delivering Mayor Lee a cake:


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