San Francisco Bus Ad Calls Palestinians 'Savage' — Here's Today's Ad Brief

Israel adSF bus ad.


San Francisco‘s public transport system will run this bus ad that calls Palestinians “savage.” The city fears court rulings that has previously declared public transport system advertising a First Amendment free speech issue. The ad was placed by Pam Geller’s American Freedom defence Initiative. Geller is the blogger who made the Islamic community centre near the World Trade centre site famous.Zeno Group wins McAfee PR business.

This is the epic story of how J. Walter Thompson convinced America to wear deodorant.

Twitter: Advertisers will now race to figure out how they can use Medium, the new publishing platform from the founders of Twitter, to their advantage.

Domino’s logo redesign continues apace. (BI first told you about this last week.)

Google: Still advertising in newspapers, for some strange reason. (BI first told you about this in January.)

Groupon: Still getting hammered by investors after era of fast growth ends.

SapientNitro doubles its Vail resort business.

Machinima poaches Microsoft Advertising alum Seth Bardelas as senior director of global brand strategy.

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