A San Francisco Bar Decided To Ban Google Glass Because It Doesn't Want Patrons Being Secretly Filmed

Google Glass hasn’t been around long, and it’s already gotten itself into a trouble.

Well, maybe the people wearing it have gotten the device into trouble.

Last month, a woman says she was attacked in a San Francisco bar — Molotov’s in the Lower Haight neighbourhood — for wearing Google Glass. And now it seems that The Willows, a bar in San Francisco’s SoMa neighbourhood, doesn’t want the same thing to happen at its establishment.

Broke Arse Stuart posted a photo on Instagram of a sign outside The Willows bar. It asks people to take off their Google Glass because patrons have expressed concern with being recorded while hanging out. It doesn’t say anything about recording using cell phones or actual video cameras, but it can be assumed that people don’t want you to do that, either.

According to The SFist, Molotov’s put up a sign banning recording as well, but The Willows’ sign seems more specifically aimed at Glass wearers.

“Our policy definitely was in reaction to what happened at Molotov’s,” owner Tim Ryan said in an email to Business Insider.

He says that they haven’t seen many Glass wearers yet, but customers are definitely wary of them.

“Since there are no actual laws that we’re aware of limiting what people with Glass can and cannot record (and subsequently post online without approval of those being filmed), we feel the best thing for us now is to play it safe by not allowing them at all at this point,” Ryan said.

The Glass ban went into effect at The Willows’ sister restaurant in the Mission, The Sycamore, on the same day, Ryan said.

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