What San Francisco Would Look Like After Sea Levels Rise 200 Feet

On the heels of new studies that millions of Americans could be underwater by the end of the century due to rising sea levels, the folks at Burrito Justice have imagined what San Francisco would look like 60 years from now — after sea levels rise 200 feet. The hypothetical map is based on a topographic map of San Francisco created by Urban Life Signs blogger Brian Stokle.  

An interactive graphic of the San Franciscan Archipelago appears alongside a fictional AP article from 2072 in which government officials debate whether to continue to invest in city infrastructure due to the continuing threat of flooding:

Is the future of the San Franciscan Archipelago doomed? Some environmental experts from the NOAA in the Washington DC SeaDome think so. “With sea levels continuing to rise at over three feet per year, the continued investment in the Archipelago is foolish. The failure of the Los Angeles seawall in 2049 is proof of this. And just look at the projection at 300 feet. Potrero’s all but gone and Bernal Isle is cut in half.

California is particularly vulnerable to climate change due to it geographic location and large population. 

San Fran Map

Photo: Burrito Justice

san fra

Photo: Burrito Justice

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