What you can rent for $3,500 a month in San Francisco

Filbert street sf 3500ZumperThis apartment will cost you $US3,450 a month in Cow Hollow.

San Francisco, the capital of the booming Internet industry, continues to earn the dubious honour of being the most expensive rental market in the country.

According to the most recent analysis by real estate marketplace Zumper, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment continues to be about $US3,500 a month. This is a record high for San Francisco, the second month in a row that the median rent has soared to such heights.

To give you a better idea of what the median rent will get you, Zumper helped us compile a list of apartments that rent for around $US3,500 in various San Francisco neighbourhoods.

You’ll notice that it varies greatly depending on how desirable the neighbourhood is.

For just under $3,500 a month, you can get a one-bedroom in the Inner Sunset, across from Golden Gate Park.

Rent: $US3,436/month

Neighbourhood: Inner Sunset

One-bedroom apartments in this building are about 644 square feet, and they come with a dishwasher and in-unit laundry.

In Cow Hollow, a neighbourhood that's popular with young professionals, $3,500 gets you a somewhat outdated pad.

Rent: $US3,450/month

Neighbourhood: C0w Hollow

The kitchen could use some updating -- it doesn't have a dishwasher -- but the building itself does have a laundry room.

For $3,500, this Noe Valley one-bedroom has panoramic views and some exposed brick. Noe Valley is popular with the tech set.

Rent: $US3,445/month

Neighbourhood: Noe Valley

There's a large balcony, and the kitchen appliances seem new.

In South Beach, you can get a modern building with amenities for just above the median rent.

Rent: $US3,600/month

Neighbourhood: South Beach

Perks include a dishwasher, laundry in-unit, and a swimming pool and fitness center.

In Lower Pacific Heights, a traditionally ritzy neighbourhood, this one-bedroom apartment will cost you $3,400.

Rent: $US3,400/month

Neighbourhood: Lower Pacific Heights

With 762 square feet of space, the home includes new hardwood floors and a dishwasher. There are laundry facilities elsewhere in the building, and access to the fitness center will cost you an additional $US45 a month.

In NOPA, $3,500 will get you a spacious one-bedroom apartment in an older building.

Rent: $US3,500/month

Neighbourhood: NOPA

The building's design is definitely a little dated, but the kitchen cabinets and flooring look new.

In SoMa, the neighbourhood that many tech companies call home, this renovated condo will set you back $3,575.

Rent: $US3,575/month

Neighbourhood: SOMA

According to the listing, the seven-story building dates back to 1914, but appliances and finishings are brand new.

In the Castro, you can get a one-bedroom apartment in an 'award-winning building.'

Rent: $US3,375/month

Neighbourhood: Castro

The listing doesn't specify what award the apartment supposedly won, but it does have large windows and a dishwasher.

In Western Addition, a $3,500 apartment is one bedroom on the 10th floor of a luxury building.

Rent: $US3,375/month

Neighbourhood: Western Addition

Amenities include in-unit laundry and a 10,000-square-foot terrace.

For just over $3,500, you can get a one-bedroom apartment in a historic building.

Rent: $US3,695/month

Neighbourhood: Cow Hollow

There's a large bay window, laundry in-unit, and parking.

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