Take A Tour Of The $US1.2 Billion San Francisco 49ers Stadium That's A Year Away From Opening

Levi’s Stadium, the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara that
will end up costing ~$1.2 billion to build, is a year away from hosting its first NFL game.

The 68,000-seat stadium features stadium-wide wifi, an open concept, and a massive block of club suites.

While it’s 40 miles outside San Francisco, it’s a big upgrade over the painfully dated Candlestick Park.

There are a bunch of mock-up designs on the stadium’s website that give you an idea of what it will be like.

Levi's Stadium from above

The corners of the stadium are completely bare, giving it an open design

The facade is open as well

The view from the parking lot

The biggest design quirk -- the upper deck is only on one side of the stadium, with a bank of suites on the other

The suites look great

Two TVs

A little dining area

There's also one of those field-level boxes

It has a nightclub-type feel

The bar area

There are multiple bars

The jumbotron is as wide as the field

Here's the main concession area below the upper deck

The view from the upper deck is supposed to be amazing

Another outdoor bar area

There are only six escalators in all of Candlestick Park. There are 30 in this new stadium

The 49ers could be opening the stadium in style

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