Photos Of The Best Cosplay From San Diego Comic Con 2014

Katniss everdeen hunger games sdcc 2014 cosplayAPOne fan dresses up as the ‘girl on fire’ from ‘The Hunger Games.’

While there are a lot of movie and TV announcements at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), one of the best parts of the four-day event is seeing the cosplay (short for costume play) people dress up in.

Dressing up for SDCC has become a tradition that people take very seriously. While some dress up in traditional store bought costumes others go out of their way to spend hundreds of dollars creating their own unique looks.

More recently, celebrities have found it’s an easy way (sometimes) to get around the Con undetected while still being able to mingle with fans.

From regular fans to professional cosplayers, we’ve compiled some of the best outfits worn by fans at this year’s event.

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Thursday, everyone was trying to get a glimpse of this realistic embodiment of the next 'X-Men' movie villain Apocalypse.

Some people go the extra mile like this girl who came in her own homemade 'Wreck-It Ralph' car.

... or this trio who dressed as characters from DreamWorks' latest 'How to Train Your Dragon' sequel.

Yes! There was a person in the Toothless dragon costume.

But this was the best way to get around the convention floor.

Watch out Jennifer Lawrence. You have some competition from this Mystique.

She came along with another Marvel character, The Fantastic Four's Silver Surfer.

However, this Fantastic Four crew may take the cake.

This 'Hunger Games' fan showed off an impressive wingspan.

It wouldn't be Comic-Con without some 'Star Wars' cosplay. Hello Boba Fett.

'Star Wars' fans are among the most creative. They just don't go for regular Stormtrooper outfits. They rock out.

... or head out as samurais of Sith Lords and bounty hunters.

Even Darth Vader has to look dapper sometimes.

The Star Wars' Twitter account had the perfect caption for this Daft Punk mashup: 'He's up all night to get Rebels.'

Comic-Con favourite Deadpool is under this Stormtrooper helmet.

He's the only comic character who's aware he's in one, so it's always fun to see how fans get creative with their cosplay.

Since it's Batman's 75th anniversary, there were tons of Caped Crusaders passing through the Con. From '60s live-action Batman ...

... all the way to Christopher Nolan's film version of the Bat ...

... and even LEGO Batman!

Some fans got really creative, like with this Ugly Doll rendition of the Dark Knight.

... and this scarier imagining of Gotham's hero.

There isn't a Bat without his Rogue's Gallery. Calling all Harley Quinns for a photo op!

Move aside Jack Sparrow. This Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy make terrific pirates.

Of course, a Harley would be nothing without her Joker.

The Dark Knight wasn't the only popular superhero around. Speedster The Flash, who's getting his own series in the fall, was also spotted walking the floor.

Props to this home built steampunk version of the outfit.

There was no better steampunk outfit than this Iron Man inspired cosplay.

Marvel was so impressed, he took home the top prize at the Dr. Pepper and Marvel cosplay contest.

And while this handmade robot towers over most ...

This photo was taken outside the 'Mike Tyson Mysteries' panel, Friday.

... this Transformer costume tops them all.

Enough superheroes. How about the superwomen?

Above: The Scarlet Witch

Model Holly Wolf and Comic-Con regular Yaya Han are here to save the day.

... along with this dynamic duo.

Girls can be a Halo troopers, too.

The heat doesn't mean anything to dedicated fans.

They will battle it outside and inside the Convention Center in full head-to-toe garb.

Above: Staypuft 'Ghostbusters' and Baymax from upcoming Disney film 'Big Hero 6.'

And will go in groups dressed as some of this year's biggest films from 'The LEGO Movie' ...

From left to right: Benny the Spaceman, Unikitty, and Batman from 'The LEGO Movie.'

... to Disney's billion dollar hit 'Frozen.'

Others will go to great heights like these witches from the past season of 'American Horror Story.'

This fan took 'Sharknado' to the absolute extreme.

If you're lucky, you may catch sight of a celebrity in cosplay, too.

Stephen Colbert moderated the panel for 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' as his character from the film.

Unless they're walking through the Convention floor hidden.

Peter Jackson made his way through Comic-Con unnoticed.

Now, see what everyone was talking about at Comic-Con this year.

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