The San Diego Kicker Was Caught Relieving Last Minute Jitters On The Sidelines Before A Potential Game-Winning Kick

As San Diego received the football with less than two minutes left in a tied game, Chargers kicker Nick Novak took a knee. 

This wasn’t to pray in case he was needed for a game-winning kick. Nor was it to pay homage to his opponent, Tim Tebow.

It was to relieve him. As in, use the restroom to shake out any last-second jitters. Only it was on the sideline and with a Chargers official holding up a towel to shield the cameras.

In the end, Novak wasn’t needed. Broncos kicker Matt Prater was. He capped off another Tebow comeback with a game-winning field goal.

But CBS cameras were still able to catch a quick glimpse of the latest meme sure to sweep the nation: Novak-ing.