If It Rains August 8th, A Texas Car Dealer Will Give Away Nissans

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If a deluge of rain soaks San Antonio on August 8th, then World Nissan, a Texas dealer, will give away Altimas.

This is what it’s come down to for one dealership. Wagering with customers on the weather to attract car sales.

People buying a Nissan Altima at World Nissan between July 15 and August 1 will get a full refund of their purchase price if two inches of rain is measured at a nearby airport, according to “Big Al” Ortiz, the dealership’s new car sales manager. The base price for a new Altima is around $20,000. Though he did not provide exact numbers, Big Al said the offer is bringing a lot of people into the dealership, whether they buy an Altima or something else.

Sounds pretty bold on the face of it, but really, it’s a pretty safe bet for the dealership.

First, what the odds it rains that day? Not very good. Central Texas is in the middle of a drought.  (Big Al reports it rained the day they kicked off the promotion.)

Second, World Nissan is insured. A $1 million insurance policy covering the day is locked in.

Third, two inches of rain is a deluge.

Even if it’s a wussy deal, it’s still fun. If we were in the market for an Altima in Texas, we’d be much more inclined to buy it from World on the off chance that it did rain on August 8th.

If we knew some expert rain dancers, it would be a no-brainer.

This isn’t the first deal like this in 2009. The rain failed to fall at a Colorado dealership that offered a similar promotion over Memorial Day.

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Thanks to Jacob Martinez for alerting us. If you’ve heard of a stranger or better offer from a dealer, we want to hear about it! Email us: [email protected]

image: Flickr/avialle

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