Samuel Waksal's Lessons For Gordon Gekko

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Gordon “Greed is Good” Gekko doesn’t need any lessons in white-collar crime.

But Gekko made his mark in 1987, and this being 2009, he has recently spent a bunch of years in jail.

So who better to tell the man who plays him what prison is like than famed insider-trader Samuel Waksal?

The New York Times reports that Oliver Stone arranged a dinner between Michael Douglas — who is reprising his famous Gekko role in the upcoming Wall Street 2 — and Waksal, the founder of the biopharmaceutical company ImClone Systems who went to prison for dumping his stock right befor ImClone imploded.

Waksal isn’t the only real-life finance figure to advise Stone’s sequel to his 1987 classic, Wall Street.  Cramer’s getting in on the fun, too.  And so are Roubini and Chanos.

NYT: Another aspect of Wall Street that changed — the financial press — borrowed some of the glamour of the film’s subject. Jim Cramer, the hyperkinetic host of “Mad Money” on CNBC and a former hedge fund manager, who certainly did his part to alter the complexion of financial news, will make an appearance in the film.

Earlier in the summer he brought [Shia] LaBeouf to a cocktail party organised by Nouriel Roubini, a New York University economics professor and chairman of a consulting firm, and held in rented space at the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea. There Mr. Stone and Mr. LaBeouf discussed the financial collapse with hedge fund managers who are clients of Mr. Roubini’s firm.

Mr. Stone also had conversations with Jim Chanos, a prominent hedge fund manager who urged him to focus less on hedge funds and more on the banking system. “There was a much more important story, a bigger story, in what happened with the system,” Mr. Chanos said.

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