Samuel L. Jackson Would Come Back As A One-Armed Jedi To Be In The Next ‘Star Wars’

star wars samuel l. jackson
Samuel Jackson is on board for Episode 7 … in whatever role possible.

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Samuel L. Jackson also wants in on the new “Star Wars” franchise in any way possible. Since news of Disney’s plan to unleash new films starting in 2015, past actors including Ewan McGregor, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher have expressed interest in reprising their roles; however, it’s Mace Windu’s Jackson who seems to want in the most. 

At the Spike TV Video Game Awards Friday night Jackson told E! News he sees more reasons for his character to return as opposed to, say, that of McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“It’s like, OK, Obi-Wan was dead when episode four started, so maybe everyone thinks I’m dead and we’ll find out what happened to Mace Windu,” says Jackson. “I can come back as one-armed or a one-handed Jedi that’s still around that didn’t actually die.”

It doesn’t end there.

If Disney’s not down for an actual appearance, Jackson’s flexible.

“I could do that or be a ghost hologram. I don’t care,” Jackson quipped. “I just want to stay associated with the franchise. Not that I won’t because I’ve been in three of them.”

Jackson should know how fans feel about “Star Wars” holograms.

In the next year, Jackson has three current films in production next year, and appearances in “RoboCop” and the next “Captain America” film in 2014. However, we’re sure nothing would prevent him from wielding a purple lightsaber once more.

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