Samsung's Bet On Non-Android Phones Could Be Delayed

Samsung has become synonymous with Android mobile operating systems, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t looking to diversify what powers its phones.

Tizen, a non-Android mobile operating system, has been long-expected to make its appearance in a Samsung phone, arriving as soon as August.

A Samsung phone running Tizen would give a unique flavour to the company’s handsets, offering an alternative to the Android-dominated ecosystem.

But it looks like a Samsung/Tizen handset has been delayed until at least October, as Samsung looks to make improvements to its Tizen app store.

The Tizen app store is being developed by a team consisting of Intel and an unnamed South Korean company, TechnoBuffalo’s Jacob Kleinman reports.

Samsung is expected to release a mobile phone running Tizen OS in Europe initially, with a possible US rollout to follow.

You can take a look at how a few apps look running on Samsung’s Tizen OS below.

Tizen OSLeaked Tizen camera, music, and email apps.

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