Samsung's Tablet Ads Are CRUSHING iPad Spots

New analytics by Ace Metrix reveal that when it comes to tablet ads, the iPad has nothing on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

In fact, Apple didn’t even make the list of the 10 Most Effective Tablet Ads of 2012 to Date. Samsung took up six spots, including the top three rankings.

ace metrix tablet ad

Photo: Ace Metrix

However, the ads’ effectiveness apparently didn’t have any bearing on actual tablet sales. Samsung has only sold 10 million Galaxy Notes worldwide whereas earlier this year Apple was estimated to sell over 50 million iPads in 2012.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note is very different from an iPad when you consider that, well, it’s also a phone. Ace Metrix told Business Insider that the Galaxy Note was included on the list because it’s the only phone that’s being marketed as both a smart phone and a tablet. The Galaxy Note is 5.3 inches and barely fits in a pocket, after all.

The Galaxy Note 10.1, released last month, is a 10-inch tablet that is an iPad competitor. The device made the Ace Metrix list, and people apparently liked its ads more than the iPad’s.

And if we’re looking at phone ads, the iPhone’s most popular ads with Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson scored 653 and 645, which is still lower than the top four tablet spots on this list.

The rankings also clear up a separate tablet rivalry. While two Kindle ads made the list, the Nook was conspicuously absent.

Ace Metrix measures how more than 500 randomly selected Americans react to all national TV ads based on watchability, relevance, persuasion, attention, information, etc. Scores range from 1 (absolutely horrible) to 950 (it’s a regular on your YouTube queue).

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