Samsung's New Flagship Android Phone Is Trying To Kill The BlackBerry, And The iPhone

samsung galaxy s iii

Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s new Galaxy S III isn’t only trying to be an iPhone killer. It’s also trying to be a BlackBerry killer.The Android 4.0  phone is chocked full of features for enterprises who buy phones by the truckload, including a newly minted program it cutely calls SAFE (Samsung Approved for Enterprise). 

That’s a combination of a trade-in offer — regardless of carrier — and a bunch of special features to help the phone connect to corporate networks.

For instance, the phone will encrypt data (with full 256-bit AES encryption, required in many industries like healthcare or banks). Plus it offers better support for corporate e-mail on Microsoft Exchange and will let users connect to their networks though their Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Samsung says it will also more plugs right into popular mobile device management software. MDM helps companies secure devices, back up data, locate lost phones, wipe them remotely and other stuff. 

To sweeten the appeal, Samsung is offering up to $300 per device as part of a trade-in program, too.

Carriers are taking orders on the phone now. It is expected to be available later this month and early July.

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