Here Are Some Sketches Of The Bended-Glass Smartphone Samsung Is Thinking About Making

Samsung has been stirring up the smartphone scene lately with its plans for an interesting curved phone. But it looks like the curve isn’t the only weird new design Samsung has in the works: You can now check out sketches for a phone with a bended display.

Samsung filed the patent application for its bended display smartphone in May and made it public this month. We first saw it on The Verge. The basic idea is that you can use the bended part of the display for notifications, sorting, and other visual information.

To be clear, this is just a patent filing, not an actual phone you can buy. But it does give you an idea of how Samsung is thinking about its future mobile devices.

Here are some images of the bended smartphone:

You can lock and unlock your phone via the bended part of the screen.

Samsung Bended Look

If you want to copy-and-paste, you can use the side screen as a visual clipboard.

Samsung Bended CopyPaste

So you can drag your copied items easily into emails, texts, tweets, whatever.

You’ll be able to see notifications on the side screen even when you have a cover on.

And if you’re looking through your contacts, you’ll be able to sort through quickly and easily thanks to the side navigation.

Ditto with photos, which you’ll be able to browse by date.

Jump easily through bookmarks or from chapter to chapter if you’re reading.

When you charge your bended phone, you’ll be able to check its juice level easily from the side screen.

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