Samsung's New Ad Campaign: Men Are Idiots

samsung ad tv guys dumb

Samsung’s latest hardware ad campaigns seem to revolve around a similar message: Guys are complete idiots. We’re talking slow, sloppy, ‘it’s surprising they remembered to put on their pants this morning’ dumb.

Earlier this month, The Viral Factory released a spot for the Samsung Series 9 — a computer monitor — in which a man thinks that his stuffed dog is, in fact, real. (Watch the spot below.) He simply doesn’t understand why ladies on benches don’t want to pet him or why Buddy refuses to pee on walks.

That is until he drags his leashed dog to a store window housing Series 9 monitors that play videos of golden retriever puppies on a loop. Shock, horror, betrayal, and then the voice-over that says, “Having the real thing is an awesome thing.”

The next hardware spot (watch below) opens with a caveman-like husband watching cavemen on TV as he farts, grunts, and eats fried chicken. The ad is for Samsung’s Evolution Kit, which turns televisions into smart TVs. The man’s neglected wife imagines what it would be like if she could plug the Evolution Kit on her husband. He essentially turns into Suzy Homemaker with the ability to juggle eggs pre-baking, rock the baby to sleep, and finish the ironing without breaking a sweat.

Adweek notes that the agency is undetermined, “CHI & Partners, global agency for Samsung TVs, says it wasn’t them.”

72andSunny created an ingenious and niche campaign for Samsung phones. Apple-bashing has become a sport, not just a marketing platform.

But Samsung’s ad strategy for its televisions and computer hardware is handled by different agencies and is still finding its way.

Although the “Evolutionary Husband?” spot seems to resonate with fans at almost 10 million views in just a week, other marketing attempts have been less successful.

Who can forget Samsung’s horrible storage device ad in 2012 that reimagined slow computers as cute puppies that were brutally beaten and killed by frustrated masters. Yes, really. The ad has been pulled but you can see a breakdown with images here.

We’ll see if the “guys are dumb” niche sticks.

Here’s the ad where the guy doesn’t get that his dog isn’t real:

Here’s the ad where the guy doesn’t get basic human interaction:

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