The Future Of Smartphones: New Report Says Samsung's Next Galaxy Phone Will Have Touchless Gestures

Leaked samsung galaxy s iv press photo

Photo: SamMobile

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone is on the way.The latest rumour says the Galaxy S IV can be controlled by touchless gestures instead of regular taps and swipes. 

The report comes from the Korean publication DDaily.

So what do we mean by touchless controls?

One example is you’ll be able to answer your phone just by holding it up to your ear when it rings. There’s no need to tap an “answer” button.

The touch-free system is supposed to mimic the Galaxy Note II’s Air View, a sensor that recognises when the stylus is over the screen, but a newer sensor would eliminate the need for a stylus, reports Phandroid.

Here’s a list of the gestures from Geeky Gadgets blog:

samsung galaxy s4 gestures

Photo: Geeky-Gadgets

 The rumoured 5-inch smartphone’s standard features are said to include a high-quality 1920 x 1080 resolution screen, 13 megapixel camera, lightning fast 8-core processor, and 2 GB of RAM.

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