Samsung's Dream Doghouse is the most lavish $39,000 you'll ever spend on your mutt

Picture: Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics has designed a kennel equipped with an entertainment wall, hot tub, treadmill and paw-operated snack dispenser.

The price? A cool £20,000 ($39,000) to get your dog on the rapidly accelerating Internet of Things bandwagon.

Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland president Andy Griffiths said the luxury kennel was designed to “reflect the nation’s growing trend for using technology”.

As a sponsor of the UK’s famous Crufts dog show, the Dream Doghouse also makes for an eyecatching display. The show runs from March 5-8.

Brian Dowling, director of production, says the “curved shapes and the softness of the material give the doghouse a modern and futuristic look and feel”.

Picture: Samsung Electronics

Here’s the Astroturf treadmill… “It reminds them of the outdoors”.

Picture: Samsung Electronics

A hydrotherapy pool… “For rejuvenation after he’s been out for long walks on the treadmill.”

Picture: Samsung Electronics

Automated feeder…

Picture: Samsung Electronics

And even a designer, vinyl-wrapped wallpaper… “To create more of a luxury and homely feel inside.”

Picture: Samsung Electronics

The most impressive part is how the designers kept a straight face while talking over shots like these:

Picture: Samsung Electronics

Who knows if Samsung are even serious about the dream doghouse, but there’s no doubt some Hollywood celebrities would stump up for this.

Even if it’s just a publicity stunt, we have to give credit where it’s due – it’s at least as irresistable as the pampered pooch in the promo.

Is yours worth it?

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