Samsung’s Chromebook Website Goes Live, Won’t Let You Buy Anything

samsung series 5 chromebook

Samsung’s Chromebook website just went live, allowing you to browse and learn about the new Series 5 Chromebooks coming June 15th.

The Chromebooks were just announced at Google’s I/O conference earlier this week, and are entirely web-based.

You can’t pre-order them yet, but you can view prices and configurations for the Series 5.

The Wi-Fi Chromebook is $429.99 and the Wi-Fi/3G Chromebook is $499.99. They’re both fast enough to get you on the web, but don’t offer much local storage for offline music listening or video-watching.

One cool bonus each 3G Chromebook comes with is 100 MB/month free from Verizon, which is enough to do some light emailing every day when you don’t have Wi-Fi nearby.

See below for an incredibly cheesy, but informative, promotional video for the Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks. They evidently couldn’t come up with a better soundtrack than old Super Mario sound effects meshed with modern jazz.

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(Via SlashGear)