Samsung's latest anti-Apple PR stunt has backfired spectacularly

Trevor bauer samsung apple letter baseballTrevor Bauer/TwitterBauer’s list of demands.

It looks like an anti-Apple marketing stunt by Samsung has backfired spectacularly, BGR reports.

The stunt in question riffs on Apple’s recent keynote speech at the WWDC conference, when CEO Tim Cook showed off a list of demands for Apple products sent by a baseball player.

On Monday, Cleveland pitcher¬†Tevor Bauer tweeted a remarkably similar list of demands — except almost every product on it was a Samsung one.

Bauer had apparently got his hands on the ball that was the first hit for Francisco Lindor, and his team is demanding a Galaxy Note Pro, a Gear S smart watch, and a Samsung touchscreen laptop if Lindor wants to get it back. The ransom note subsequently went viral, with more than 750 retweets. 

But something’s not quite right.

Here’s the original tweet:

Notice anything weird about it?

No? Look closer…

Trevor bauer skitch twitter iphone samsung


“Twitter for iPhone.”


Apple tim cook ceo keyntoe baseball ransom note Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesThe original Apple ransom note.

We don’t yet have confirmation that Samsung was behind this (Business Insider has reached out to the company for comment), but it makes sense. After all, the company is known for provocative anti-Apple advertising that tries to undermine its high-flying Californian rival.

And it’s a way to hit back at the original letter, with implied that Apple’s products are more desirable and used by aspirational figures. It — supposedly — shows that Samsung products are highly appealing too.

It’s just a pity the key player in the stunt is batting for the other team.

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