Samsung is reportedly working on 2 more foldable smartphones that are completely different from the Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is only one of the designs Samsung is working on for foldable smartphones, as two new foldable designs are considered. Samsung
  • Samsung is said to be working on two new foldable smartphones after announcing its first Galaxy Fold smartphone last month.
  • One is said to have a flip phone’s clamshell design.
  • The other supposedly has an outwardly folding design, like the recently announced Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone.
  • The new foldable smartphones from Samsung are expected to be announced later this year, with one of them more likely to be announced in 2020.

Samsung is working on two more foldable smartphones with different folding designs than its current Galaxy Fold smartphone, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which the company announced on February 20 and will be released on April 26 for $US1,980, operates like a book – the phone unfolds horizontally to reveal the large foldable display. When the Galaxy Fold is folded shut, there’s a small display on the front for quick access to the phone’s functions.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold
The Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung/YouTube

One of Samsung’s rumoured foldable phones is said to unfold vertically, like a “clamshell” flip phone, where the foldable display is on the interior of the phone. Samsung is apparently experimenting with adding a display on the exterior of the phone, but the company hasn’t finalised its decision yet. It seems like it could be similar to Motorola’s idea for a foldable smartphone that looks like the company’s revered Razr flip phone and could be announced this spring or summer.

Samsung’s clamshell foldable smartphone could be announced later this year or possibly early next year, Bloomberg reports.

The other foldable smartphone that Samsung is supposedly working on is said to fold outward – the opposite of a book – with the foldable display on the exterior of the phone, which sounds similar to Huawei’s recently announced Mate X foldable smartphone.

Samsung’s outwardly folding smartphone will come after the clamshell design, Bloomberg’s sources said. That means we’ll likely see it in 2020.

Samsung’s new ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensing technology from the recently announced Galaxy S10 phones is said to be considered for Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphones.

There’s no indication that Samsung’s foldable smartphone after the Galaxy Fold will be less expensive. And while they will be the second and third foldable smartphones that Samsung releases, they will likely have first-generation growing pains that’s typical on devices with brand-new and intricate mechanisms. Indeed, Samsung’s foldable smartphones, including the existing Galaxy Fold and its two rumoured foldable phones, have different designs that makes each of them first-generation devices.

And so begins to turn the rumour mill for two new Samsung foldable smartphones.