Samsung Will Shut Down Boxee's Unlimited Cloud DVR Service On July 10

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After selling itself to Samsung, Boxee’s first order of business will be to shut down its cloud DVR service on July 10, Boxee says.

The cloud service was released in April when Boxee launched a device called the Boxee Cloud DVR. That box cost $99 and it included 5 hours of storage per month and the ability to save recordings for up to 90 days.

For an additional $10 per month, Boxee was offering unlimited storage, even letting you keep recordings forever, plus access your recordings from portable devices.

It’s probably not shocking that Samsung is shutting it down. Unlimited cloud DVR storage isn’t a sustainable¬† business model.

The bummer is, those folks that bought a Boxee Cloud DVR will lose their recordings on July 10. Bye-bye.

But maybe the cloud DVR will return one day. Boxee’s tech will eventually wind its way into Samsung televisions, the Boxee team says.

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