Samsung will mark safe models of the Galaxy Note 7 with an ‘S’ on the box

Samsung will mark safe Galaxy Note 7 phones with an “S” on the box — signalling that the replacement devices are free from the battery issue that caused some models of the phone to burst into flames or explode.

The Verge reports that Samsung explained the marking in a post on its website. It says that “new Galaxy Note7 packaging has clear identifiers on the box; a small black square on the white barcode label along with a white sticker with a blue letter ‘S’.”

Here’s what you should look for when picking up a Galaxy Note 7:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 box

Samsung launched a global recall for the Galaxy Note 7, and is encouraging customers who bought the phones to take them to the point of sale in order to be issued with a replacement.

The global recall comes after social media posts complained about Galaxy Note 7 phones that either set on fire or exploded after charging. Samsung initially stopped sales of the phone and halted its global rollout, and then launched its own recall programme.

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