SAMSUNG: Why We're So Successful Despite The Religious Devotion Of Apple Customers

Samsung CommercialScreenshot/YouTubeA commercial for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch.

There are only two companies making any real profit in mobile computing: Apple and Samsung.

The two rivals have very different philosophies in how they develop products and software, but there’s no arguing that they’re both massively successful.

At Business Insider’s IGNITION Conference, David Eun, the executive vice president of Samsung’s Open Innovation Center, addressed how the company has been able to see such great success despite such heavy devotion by Apple fans and customers.

“Samsung is a very entrepreneurial story,” Eun said. “The company set large goals for itself and has been bold in its execution.”

Eun pointed out that Samsung now sells more TVs (two per second) and more phones than any other electronics company. Even Apple. And all that is done by a massive organisation with 70,000 worldwide employees.

“Seven years ago there was no iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone,” Eun said.

“It was all about Nokia and Motorola. It takes entrepreneurial ideas and execution.

“The leaders at Samsung are people who have risen and made their mark by being entrepreneurial.”

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