Samsung is still overloading the smartphone market

The year’s biggest trade show for smartphones, Mobile World Congress, kicks off next week, and there’ll be plenty of mobile gadgets on display.

One company that won’t make its usual splash, though, is Samsung. While Android’s biggest phone maker typically uses MWC to launch its flagship Galaxy S phone, all signs point to the company holding off for a month, and using the event to showcase a new tablet instead.

While that could be viewed as a setback, and while the Galaxy S8 is a crucial release for Samsung, it’s worth remembering that the Korean firm’s phone business is still about volume as much as centralizing around one high-end model.

This chart from Statista gets at the idea: Though Apple is in a dead heat with Samsung in terms of global market share, the former only released three phones in 2016, while the latter launched a whopping 31. That number is actually down significantly from where it was two years ago.


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