Samsung Will Have Unbreakable Smartphone Screens By Next Summer, Says RBC

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Finally, some smartphone innovation.Samsung will have unbreakable smartphone screens by the middle of next year, says RBC analyst Doug Freedman in a very brief note on his trip to meet with Asian supply chain sources.

Here’s the brief comment:

Samsung handset road-map: Samsung display will be ready to ship unbreakable plastic substrate screen by 2q end, with bendable in 2h13. Galaxy 4 likely ships a month early if carriers want it at end of March, semis to support will start mid-Feb. All products best in class, including AC, WiFi, NFC and applications processor.

Speaking from the perspective of someone that recently smashed his iPhone screen, this sounds pretty neat. But, as with most things in life, there’s a catch. The screen would be plastic instead of glass. I’m not sure that would be all the great.