Next Year You'll Be Able To Buy A Samsung TV That Plays PlayStation Games -- Without A PlayStation

Now here’s an interesting partnership: Samsung and Sony are working together to create a new line of smart televisions that can play PlayStation games without an actual PlayStation console. Sony issued the press release Tuesday.

In the first half of 2015, Samsung’s smart TVs will be able to access Sony’s fledgling PlayStation Now service, which allows you to stream games right from the cloud without needing a console.

The only extra you’ll need to buy is a Sony DualShock controller.

Now before you get carried away and start thinking you can buy a TV instead of a PS4, this is far from a full PlayStation experience: It’s PlayStation Now, which is still in open beta, and to put it lightly, it’s not a service many are recommending.

First of all, keep in mind PlayStation Now is a streaming service, so you’ll need at least a 5Mbps internet connection to achieve what Sony considers “good performance.” Hopefully you don’t have too many other wireless devices in the house that are streaming video, because it might affect your gameplay.

Once you get past that small hurdle, PlayStation Now is also extremely limited in terms of games: The service only offers about 200 PlayStation 3 titles, and while Sony plans to offer PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4 titles soon, there’s no announced dates for that yet. 

Lastly, and most important for consumers to know, is the fact that you’re still paying for this service, which is far from a bargain. You’re basically paying to rent certain games for a certain period of time — and as Kotaku points out, purchasing games over PlayStation Now is still currently more expensive than picking up those old games off the rack at a GameStop or Best Buy.

The bigger picture here is that Sony is willing to bring its services to other platforms and devices. But if you’re looking for a TV that currently offers the service, you don’t have to wait for Samsung’s 2015 models; Sony already sells a select line of Bravia TVs that currently support PlayStation Now.

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